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On the Parish Council Agenda

The Village Plan team will present their findings and discuss implementation plans at the next Parish Council Meeting:

on Tuesday 3rd March at 7.00pm in the Village Hall

All parish residents are invited to come to the meeting to find out more about the plan.

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Village Plan

A draft village plan has now been developed

Village Plan July 2014

Many thanks to all the parishioners who completed the questionnaire and the members of the Steering Group who developed the Plan.

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Questionnaire Update

A questionnaire was developed and circulated, and parishioners were asked to complete it either on paper or on-line, via the website. Villagers were asked what they value about living here, what problems there are, what additional community events they would like, and what developments and expansion would be acceptable.

The responses have now been analysed and the full report is published here.

Village Plan Report May 2013

In summary, villagers like living here and value the physical environment, the location, buildings such as the church and the older houses, the general rural environment and the peace and quiet. The single biggest problem is traffic, with 80% of respondents expressing concern about speeding and irresponsible drivers, including lorries which still reverse when they find they can’t get under the Kegworth Road bridge. Other negative aspects include litter and fly-tipping, and noise from aircraft. The most serious general threat to the village is felt to be environmental issues (71%).


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Kingston on Soar Community Events

The Parish Council now has a marquee which can be used for Community Events.  It was used for the first time for the Village Barn Dance on Saturday 8th June.

It can also be hired out to other community organisations for their events.  Please contact the Parish Clerk, Richard Parrey, on richard.parrey@talktalk.net or 0115 983 0730, to discuss availability and arrangements for transport and insurance.


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Our Questionnaire

A paper copy of our questionnaire is being circulated to all Kingston households shortly.

If you would prefer to complete the questionnaire online, please use this link.

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Meeting – 3 November 2011

At Thursday’s Steering Group meeting it was decided to push ahead with the distribution of the main questionnaire, which has now been shown in draft to other Kingston groups for comment. Copies will be circulated to all households along with the next local Newsletter.

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Meeting – 20 September 2011

At Tuesday’s Steering Group meeting, time was spent reviewing the development of the main questionnaire that will be used as the primary source of content for the Village Plan. It was decided to request input from other local groups including the Village Hall committee.
If there are topics that you think should be included in the questionnaire and the Plan itself, please let us know by adding a comment below. We need to ask the right questions to find out what is important to people.

Discussion during the meeting also covered web site development and the content of the Frequently Asked Questions FAQ page.

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First meetings

So far there have been two meetings of the village plan steering group. The first was a ‘getting to know you’ and general discussion session on the 23rd May. The second on 21st June involved the allocation of roles to members, including to Liz who kindly agreed to act as Chair, and also covered aspects of funding and information gathering. An informal  event to assist with awareness raising has been planned for Wednesday 20th July between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm at the Village Hall, of which more later.

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