First meetings

So far there have been two meetings of the village plan steering group. The first was a ‘getting to know you’ and general discussion session on the 23rd May. The second on 21st June involved the allocation of roles to members, including to Liz who kindly agreed to act as Chair, and also covered aspects of funding and information gathering. An informal ¬†event to assist with awareness raising has been planned for Wednesday 20th July between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm at the Village Hall, of which more later.

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  1. Brian W Smith says:

    We have still have not grasped what the village plan is supposed to be about. Your site is not very informative. Who is Liz? And who are the “members” of this group?
    Surely the purpose of the Parish Council is to fulfill the needs of parishioners and the village?
    The flyer for the event tomorrow (Sept 14th) has just arrived with our post. We are otherwise engaged on that day so cannot attend.

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