Questionnaire Update

A questionnaire was developed and circulated, and parishioners were asked to complete it either on paper or on-line, via the website. Villagers were asked what they value about living here, what problems there are, what additional community events they would like, and what developments and expansion would be acceptable.

The responses have now been analysed and the full report is published here.

Village Plan Report May 2013

In summary, villagers like living here and value the physical environment, the location, buildings such as the church and the older houses, the general rural environment and the peace and quiet. The single biggest problem is traffic, with 80% of respondents expressing concern about speeding and irresponsible drivers, including lorries which still reverse when they find they can’t get under the Kegworth Road bridge. Other negative aspects include litter and fly-tipping, and noise from aircraft. The most serious general threat to the village is felt to be environmental issues (71%).


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