Hello Kingston. This site exists to tell you about the Village Plan and to let you have your say about what it should contain. The preparation of the plan is expected to take twelve months or more and the process has only recently begun, so now is a good time to help us find out the things that matter to you and how we can help improve your enjoyment of village life.

Although we have called it a ‘village’ plan, we hope that it will meet the needs of all residents in the civil parish of Kingston, whether at Kingston Hall, New Kingston, the former Old Bull Farm,  the canal side near Kegworth, or anywhere in between.

The initial purpose of the Village Plan in general terms is is to identify the things that residents value and wish to preserve,  the things that they lack and would like to have available, and the things which exist but they wish were done differently. These things may include the preservation of beautiful views, road and traffic concerns, play areas for children, services for both the able and the less able, social facilities like coffee bars, events at the village hall, and so on. Once identified, we hope to act as a focal point for bringing things into being, by identifying resources and funding available from various agencies, local or national government or even the private sector, and by drawing up action plans to take us forward.

This site is run by the village plan steering group, which currently has six members. You can contribute by commenting on the blog posts (anonymously if you wish), or via the contact page. If you would like to be more directly involved,  perhaps by attending steering group meetings, please let us know.