Does your organisation have a formal constitution?

Yes – here it is:


Name: Kingston on Soar Village Plan Steering Group* (hereafter ‘the Steering Group’)

Introduction and Purpose:

We aim to prepare a village plan that can be used to promote quality of life in Kingston on Soar and New Kingston. This plan is developed by the community for the community. This is a voluntary and independent group, comprised of villagers, working in partnership with the community to carry out the following tasks:

  1. Investigate and identify support for the Village Plan.
  2. Design and organize survey and information gathering (in order to find out what people in (and around) Kingston on Soar value about living here and help them to do something about this).
  3. Take responsibility for planning, budgeting and monitoring expenditure on the plan and report back to the community on these matters.
  4. Identify sources of funding.
  5. Liaise with relevant authorities and organizations to make the plan as effective as possible.
  6. Analyze the findings of the information gathering exercise.
  7. Disseminate our findings with information about technical issues to the people of Kingston on Soar and the Parish Council.
  8. Protect the village from inappropriate development.
  9. Enable appropriate development of the village and its facilities, including tangible things, such as physical areas (eg play areas or allotments) for village use (if people want these) and also development of intangibles, such as community spirit and a sense of belonging.
  10. Investigate support for a village design statement to guide appropriate development.


  1. The Steering Group will normally include 6 members but may co-opt members of the public as appropriate, up to 15 members.
  2. No more than three of these members will be members of the Parish Council.
  3. A person may cease to be a member of the Steering Group having notified the Chair or Secretary in writing of his or her wish to resign.


At the first meeting the Steering Group will elect: a chairperson, a secretary and a treasurer.


  1. The Steering Group shall meet every two months as a minimum, or as may be required.
  2. At least five clear days notice of meetings shall be given to members via email.
  3. Every matter shall be determined by consensus, where possible. If consensus is not possible a vote will be taken and the majority will shall carry. In the case of equality of votes, the chair of the meeting shall have a casting vote.
  4. The group will be quorate at three members.
  5. A record of meetings will be kept and minutes circulated to members of the Steering Group not more than 14 days after each meeting.

Working groups

  1. The Steering Group may appoint such working groups, as it considers necessary to carry out the functions specified. Each working group may have a nominated chair, but this person does not have to become a member of the steering group.
  2. Working groups do not have the power to authorize expenditure on behalf of the Steering Group.
  3. Working groups will be bound by the terms of reference set out for them by the Steering Group.


  1. The Treasurer shall keep a clear record of expenditure, where necessary, supported by receipted invoices.
  2. Members of the community who are involved as volunteers with any of the working groups may claim back any expenditure that was necessarily incurred during the process of producing the Village Plan. This could include postage and stationary, telephone calls, travel costs, childcare costs.
  3. The Treasurer will draw up and agree with the Steering Group procedures for volunteers who wish to claim expenses and the rates they may claim.
  4. The Treasurer will report back to the Steering Group and the Parish Council on planned and actual expenditure for the project, and liaise with the parish clerk to set up a petty cash system and enable cash withdrawals and payment of invoices to be made as required.

Changes to the constitution

This constitution may be altered and additional clauses may be added with the consent of two-thirds of the Steering Group present.

Dissolution of the Steering Group

  1. The Steering Group will be dissolved once the Final Plan has been launched.
  2. Upon dissolution any remaining funds shall be disposed of by the Steering Group, in accordance with the decisions reached at an Extraordinary Meeting open to the public in the area of benefit called for that purpose. No individual member of the Steering Group shall benefit from the dispersal.
  3. Any unused funding given as grants to the Steering Group should be returned to their source.

*This Village Plan refers to the civil parish of Kingston on Soar which includes the village of Kingston on Soar, the hamlet of New Kingston and the settlements at Kingston Hall, Kingston Court and surrounding areas.

26rd July 2011