Why do we need a Village Plan?

Several reasons

  1. Many of the villages in this part of the Borough have a Village Plan for projects and services that their residents want. Because we do not have a Plan, we are very vulnerable to aggressive planning applications. It’s important that we don’t get left out or left behind.
  2. A Village Plan gives everyone an opportunity to make themselves heard. It provides evidence of the community’s collective wishes and needs. This is useful, for example, when fighting to preserve things that villagers value highly, or when trying to raise funds for new projects.
  3. Village Plans have the potential to influence a wide range of organisations and processes which affect our lives. They can identify actions for us, the local community, to undertake – as well as for others to do. They can influence the policies and decisions of other bodies (such as planning policies, housing strategies, transport plans, social services and education arrangements) and they can help obtain funding for projects in the parish.